Tokyo Travel Guide with 360 Panorama Photos

Have you ever traveled in Tokyo, Japan?
Here comes Tokyo Scenic Travel Guide of 360 Panoramas.
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Shibuya famous for Scramble Crossing
渋谷 (Shibuya) is one of the busiest shopping district in Japan such as Shibuya 109 and Hikarie. It is famous for its scramble crossing next to the Shibuya station. You will be surprised how people crossing roads, and young guys raced in the Movie “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”!!
You’d better watch this Shibuya Crossing


Shinjuku Kabukicho is good for nite life
新宿 (Shinjuku) Station is the world busiest station. It is actually crazy… Once you get out of the crowd, you will see the famous ALTA department. Also you can find many electronics shop like Yamada Denki, Bikkuro, Yodobashi Camera, and Big Camera with so much varieties. Oh don’t forget to stop by the Kabukicho to drink and enjoy the night life there!!

Let’s explore Shinjuku from the sky.
You will see the big greenly park called “Shinjuku Gyoen” close to there for relaxing.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station gets classic style
東京駅 (Tokyo Station) has been renewed as its classic style. you can find so many businessman and Marunouchi OL (Office Lady is called as OL in Japan) around Tokyo Station. Also Tokyo Imperial Palace is really close, you may want to go running around because you will see so many people jogging out there.

Here you go, how the Tokyo Station looks like.

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Skytree over river trip
Skytree, the tallest tower and the second tallest structure in the world, was built in 2012 with its height 634 m (2080 ft)!!! Yeah dude, you can feel how Sky tree is tall!!


Roppongi Hils sightseeing place
六本木 (Roppongi) is one of the famous rich area in japan, You may wanna try the nite clubs out there too.
This 360 Panorama is one of the most amazing view because it covers more than 5800 Panorama photos in 45 Gigapixel from the Roppongi Hills.
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