couchsurfing on your vacation plan in Japan


Some of you may know the travelers SNS called couchsurfing. It is a Web service that “hosts” let “surfers” stay at your couch for free like home stay. There are 6 million users over 0.1 million cities on couchsurfing as of March 2013. However, there are not much Japanese active users in Japanese cities. An acquaintance on the Internet stay at your place on the first day you met. I have never experienced such service ever before A-chan (Chan means Japanese cute honorific) had arrived Japan from Poland.

Travel to Locals

Surfing at someone’s house, saving the staying cost for free, enjoying the local culture. Easier said than done? I would value most on the opportunity to share the different culture than on the hardship we need to go over.
Whenever I had studied in the U.S, worked in the south India, travel some other counties, all the cultural difference with Japan has always attracted me to experience more things around me. Especially the existing local lifestyle at traveling places are so precious and mostly hard to understand at the first moment. You know, we humans are so different from each other. I love the diversity!!

We can stay at hotels or hostels in most cities around the world, of course. However, couchsurfing also let us stay and connect to the locals and people who live there with other backgrounds. I really love to become friends all over the world and to stay at their local places when we start traveling.

Please let Japanese to learn English and other languages by surfing

As you may have heard of it, most of Japanese only speak in Japanese, and are extremely shy when it comes to speak English with someone. We have usually studied English since Junior high school, but the very purpose to study English is just to pass the entrance exams of high schools and universities, not to communicate with someone. To make an excuse, the population in Japan consists of 99% Japanese. No need to learn other languages, sounds like,,,

Not anymore with the globalization world. I welcome all the people who come to JAPAN from the heart. In 2012, 8.36 million people had traveled to Japan from the world. Most may experience the Shinkansen or the Bullet train and other up-to-date transportation, eat unique Japanese foods, visit Japanese temples and shrines, and so on.

What about communication with Japanese People? I’m proud to be born as Japanese, and I think the communication barrier is the very hardship to share this amazing country with people around the world. Actually most of Japanese Couchsurfing users can relatively speak English well and have foreign-friendly personality compared to the usual Japanese. Especially the current young generation has studied English more, and couchsurfing is known mostly among them.
Please give us the opportunity to communicate in other languages and to share our life here.
And you can enjoy the communication with Japanese and the “cheaper place to stay” lol

Why don’t you meet Japanese!!