Trail running race for 30km

Lafuma青梅高水山トレイルラン 30kmに参加

I joined 15th Lafuma Ome Takamizu mountain Trail Running for 30km(18.6411miles) class on Sunday.
It had been windy and rainy like Typhoon until the previous day, but everything was cleared and shiny all day.
What a nice day to go running!!
I had never tried any race to run more than 10km, so I was a little bit nervous.
But I had already decided “I can walk as much as I want. Just finish the race.”, and joined it.

Opening with the Seasonal joy

Train Running goes through forests and mountains. So the scenery was awesome.
The pinkish Sakura flowers sniping and shining.
The purple flowers encouraged me to go further.
Actually there were some “traffic jams” with runners, so I couldn’t keep running.
So the rap time for 10km took me 90 mins.

Trail Running to Takamizu Mountain

So much steep the middle

Oh man… so much slopes…
It was not like running, but walking, or at least mountaineering.
My legs had started being pumped up…

Somehow, I came to the turn at the Johuku temple in the Takamizu mountain finally.
I mean I still had 15 km…


Trail “Walking” at the end

I stopped and sat so many times…
Many had passed me…how many times? I don’t care…
It was kinda struggling with my mind…you know, mental thing…
Even if I wanna quit this, anyway I need to come back. Caz I was in the mountain, man…
One local elderly were cheering me,
“Well done till now. You can creep to your company tomorrow. So you can do finish it…”
Do you want me to creep the crowded train in Tokyo? No way, dude…
Thanks anyway.


Wow, finally I completed it.
It took 4 hours 43 minutes.
There was limitation on time as 4 hours 50 minutes.