Welcome to Out-of-Box

Life Traveling blog

Welcome to Out-of-Box.
We are a Japanese Life Traveling Couple, Akane and Kisson.
By the year 2018, we will start living out of Japan.
Nearly 200 countries, and millions of culture and tribes in each of them.
And the thing is we have never been to most of them!!
What a wonderful World, we are living on!!

Akane and Kisson met each other in New York, US.
Life is interesting enough to explore.
We may find the most precious person somewhere you don’t know.
Life is compared like a traveling.
We will continue our traveling, so our life theme is “Life Traveling”!!

Now, We appreciate that you are reading this post,
and we know that you are most probably one of our precious friends, or his/her friends.
Thank you all the time. Please keep in touch with us.

Talk to you later,

Akane & Kisson

  • http://www.facebook.com/kotori.blue Kotori Blue

    What a good idea !!! I’m looking forward to see your blog often !!! Good luck for it ^^

    • outofbox2018

      Thanks for your comment!! I’m grad that you like it. We try to update this blog often with more fun posts!!