the round-the-world travel with Organic lifestyle


We joined the report on the round-the-world travel with organics (on 10 Apr).
This event was held by a Japanese couple, Michihiro and Chizuru Toyoizumi, who have traveled around the world focusing on the organic lifestyle for 233 days.
They had visited more that 100 places of organic specialty shops to compare the price and the sales method with Japan. Also they had stayed eco villages and organic farms with organic lifestyle people.

When we had studied in the US, we had seen some organic foods and the lifestyle of the people. However, it is currently costly and not well spread to the people in Japan. In that sense, there are so many opportunities to travel abroad to learn what is going on the organic lifestyle around the world.
We’d like to share what they told to us with you.

Comparison of Organics in the Europe
CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)

Comparison of Organics in the Europe

In Japan, the West is famous for Organic and Eco life.
Marche is held every weekend in France, Organic vegetables are abundant around the cities in the UK, and you can have all organic foods at the cafe in the Swedish art exhibit. Organic is next to consumers there.

Whole foods market

Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles 2011

One of the most leading countries in Organic is The ecology Germany.
The difference with others is the Price and the public consciousness.
People are gathered together to support the ecology and organic.
Thus, they have varieties of Organic makers and supermarkets,
and the price is not so much different between usual and organic foods.

CSA(Community Supported Agriculture)

One unique organic farming style was introduced, called Community Supported Agriculture(CSA).
The style that consumers and producers have a direct contract to buy vegetables.
Consumers pay annual membership fees as a member of the community, and producers grow vegetables by the help of the money. Because producers don’t need to worry about the climate or money for a year, and people can enjoy the fresh vegetables. Members are not going to buy vegetables at supermarket, but they go to the farm directly and pick whatever they want. No need to worry about who, when and where vegetables have grown up, but you feel it by yourself.
Great advantages on both producers and members.
CSA is currently not famous in Japan. We wanna support the style.

Organic life needs to be supported by each individual in the country.
Quality or quantity, expensive and cheap, there are many choices of course. However, we are not the only people who live on the earth, and we want to share with all the people around the world.
The word “Vote Organic” suggests we will continue to the society with eco-friendly lifestyle and support for organic producers, so we will enjoy the healthy and delicious vegetables.
There are so many people living in such lifestyle. We want to learn from them by traveling around the world too.