About Out-of-Box

Welcome to Out-of-Box!
We are a Japanese couple met during SUNY collage days in the US.

We are going to start the Nomad life abroad (out of Japan) by the year 2018. We call it as “Life Traveling”!!
Currently we have worked in Japan, focusing on such topics as
Inbound Travel, Indian Offshore Development, Outdoor, Organic life, World food, and more.
We aspire to become Out-of-Box guys.

achi kisson

At Chennai


Work at one Indian IT company as a Bridge SE, and joined
“the fresher training of the Indians by the Indians for the Indians” for half a year.
Of course, I cook curry&rice.
I want to explore in Tokyo with many people from all over the world.
Let’s explore the Nature w/ Bouldering, Mountaineering, Snorkeling.


Hello, world!!!!
My name is Akane from Japan!!!!
I love Food, especially Vegetable!
“All people made by food.”
After I have focused on this thought, I’m really enjoying cooking!!!
New discovery, Traveling abroad, and Nature(Organic)…my favorites!!
I wanna share my story with all people:)

A Dream of Two Life Travelers

Before we will have dated for 10 years, let’s go out of Japan.
We will freely travel as if we are nomad people, and we may find good place to work and live sometimes.
There are nearly 200 counties all over the world. We’ll retire the job ‘Traveler’ after enjoying each counties!

Akane & Kisson