couchsurfing on your vacation plan in Japan


Some of you may know the travelers SNS called couchsurfing. It is a Web service that “hosts” let “surfers” stay at your couch for free like home stay. There are 6 million users over 0.1 million cities on couchsurfing as of March 2013. However, there are not much Japanese active users in Japanese cities. An acquaintance on the Internet stay at your place on the first day you met. I have never experienced such service ever before A-chan (Chan means Japanese cute honorific) had arrived Japan from Poland.

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the round-the-world travel with Organic lifestyle


We joined the report on the round-the-world travel with organics (on 10 Apr).
This event was held by a Japanese couple, Michihiro and Chizuru Toyoizumi, who have traveled around the world focusing on the organic lifestyle for 233 days.
They had visited more that 100 places of organic specialty shops to compare the price and the sales method with Japan. Also they had stayed eco villages and organic farms with organic lifestyle people.
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Trail running race for 30km

Lafuma青梅高水山トレイルラン 30kmに参加

I joined 15th Lafuma Ome Takamizu mountain Trail Running for 30km(18.6411miles) class on Sunday.
It had been windy and rainy like Typhoon until the previous day, but everything was cleared and shiny all day.
What a nice day to go running!!
I had never tried any race to run more than 10km, so I was a little bit nervous.
But I had already decided “I can walk as much as I want. Just finish the race.”, and joined it.
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Tokyo Travel Guide with 360 Panorama Photos

Have you ever traveled in Tokyo, Japan?
Here comes Tokyo Scenic Travel Guide of 360 Panoramas.
Welcome to Tokyo!!


Shibuya famous for Scramble Crossing
渋谷 (Shibuya) is one of the busiest shopping district in Japan such as Shibuya 109 and Hikarie. It is famous for its scramble crossing next to the Shibuya station. You will be surprised how people crossing roads, and young guys raced in the Movie “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”!!
You’d better watch this Shibuya Crossing


Shinjuku Kabukicho is good for nite life
新宿 (Shinjuku) Station is the world busiest station. It is actually crazy… Once you get out of the crowd, you will see the famous ALTA department. Also you can find many electronics shop like Yamada Denki, Bikkuro, Yodobashi Camera, and Big Camera with so much varieties. Oh don’t forget to stop by the Kabukicho to drink and enjoy the night life there!!

Let’s explore Shinjuku from the sky.
You will see the big greenly park called “Shinjuku Gyoen” close to there for relaxing.

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Welcome to Out-of-Box

Life Traveling blog

Welcome to Out-of-Box.
We are a Japanese Life Traveling Couple, Akane and Kisson.
By the year 2018, we will start living out of Japan.
Nearly 200 countries, and millions of culture and tribes in each of them.
And the thing is we have never been to most of them!!
What a wonderful World, we are living on!!

Akane and Kisson met each other in New York, US.
Life is interesting enough to explore.
We may find the most precious person somewhere you don’t know.
Life is compared like a traveling.
We will continue our traveling, so our life theme is “Life Traveling”!!

Now, We appreciate that you are reading this post,
and we know that you are most probably one of our precious friends, or his/her friends.
Thank you all the time. Please keep in touch with us.

Talk to you later,

Akane & Kisson